1. Do you have a nickname? No

  2. How long have you been “CrossFitting” and how long have you been part of the CFIV Family? I started doing CrossFit September 2017 here at CFIV! First box.

  3. What makes you come back for more every day? Rest days keep me coming back haha

  4. Favorite WOD: Undecided

  5. Favorite Movement/Lift: Cleans I think

  6. Least favorite WOD: Murph was pretty brutal

  7. Least favorite Movement/Lift: Every type of burpee!

  8. Did you play any sports or did you workout before you started CrossFit? No sports. Was doing push-ups and sit-ups at home.

  9. Do you have any CrossFit goals? I would like to be at an Rx level some day

  10. If you could program a WOD for yourself, what would it be and what would you call it? 15 minuets of burpees called FML haha. Jk I don’t know.

  11. Do you have anything to say to someone who’s intimated to start taking CrossFit classes? I’d say the warmups are the worst part sometimes ha. Also, once you understand the lingo and get good form, all you need is a little strength and it’s fun and satisfying.

  12. What’s your favorite kind of music to workout to? Mellow music during chippers and dance or metal when they’re shorter more intense wod’s. Thanks a lot! I appreciate it.

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