Fri, 11/02/2018

"Designated Driver"

Teams of 3 3 Rounds: 4 Minute Row for Calories 3 Minute Pull-Ups 2 Minute Burpees Over Rower

L2 Scale Options: Pull-Ups - Jumping, banded, ring rows Burpee/Rower - Burpees, box Burpees


In this team of three workout, one athlete will work at a time, switching off as needed while trying to accumulate as many reps as possible at each station as a group. The score today is total number of completed reps across the three rounds. If unable to bike, complete box jump overs or pull-ups in its place, as those movements do not appear in programming this week.

The burpees are designed to be lateral over the rower. While most of the movements we typically do involve weight being transferred up and down along a straight line, the jump over the rower works side to side motion. Life happens in all directions, so getting outside the normal plane of motion better prepares athletes for whatever the world throws at them. It is better to jump over a shorter object today than to step over the rower.

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