Wed, 11/07/2018

"Wrecking Crew"

Teams of 2 5 Rounds (25 Minute Cap): 100 Meter KB Run (35/26) 200 Meter Run 40/30 Calorie Row

Partner 1 runs 100 meters with KettleBells, then Partner 2. Partner 1 runs 200 meters, then Partner 2. Sharing one rower, split calories as desired.

L1 100 M MB Run 200 M Run 30/20 Cal Row


Looking to bring the intensity in this “You go, I go” style workout. Partner 1 will start by running 100 meters with the Kettlebell or similar weighted object. When Partner 1 is back, they will pass off the KB to Partner 2. Upon return, Partner 1 will run 200 meters without weight, then Partner 2. While the runs are set distances, athletes can break up the calories on the rower however they see fit. The score is the total time it takes to complete the five rounds. If unable to complete the work within the 25 minutes, teams will add 1 second for every rep not completed. Each fully completed run will count as 1 rep. Total reps per round is 44/34. If athletes complete 4 full rounds + both KB runs, their score would be 25:02.

### THE WHY: Odd objects like the KB are an opportunity for athletes to vary training and prepare for things we’ll see in everyday life. Very rarely will we be presented with a symmetrical object like a barbell to pick up off the ground or press overhead in the real world. These objects tend to be more asymmetrical and awkward. Picking up your kid and putting them on your shoulders is one of the many examples of ways that CrossFit and odd object training can improve our lives outside the gym.

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