Thurs, 11/08/2018

Pausing Power Clean

Build to Heavy Double. 2 Second Pause at the Knee.

"20 for 7"

AMRAP 7: 20 Double Unders, 1 Power Clean (155/105) 20 Double Unders, 2 Power Cleans (155/105) 20 Double Unders, 3 Power Cleans (155/105) …. Up by (1) Power Clean Until Finish

L2 10 Double Unders 40 Singles

L1 20 Singles 1 Hang Power Clean w/ MB


The power clean is the focus of this two part workout. In part 1, athletes will build to a heavy double power clean from the floor with a two second pause at knee level. Heavy is relative for the day. The weights used here should be something that athletes can move exceptionally well with and maintain the two second pause. This pause only happens in the first part, but will allow athletes to move better in part two. In part 2, athletes will choose a weight on the barbell that they could complete 12+ repetitions unbroken when fresh. Within the workout, these will likely be completed in very small sets or quick singles. Athletes should choose a variation on the rope that they can ideally complete unbroken each round.

### THE WHY: Today we added in the pause to allow athletes to reinforce and strengthen good positions on the barbell. With any movement that involves a significant amount of technique, such as the power clean, athletes tend to hit plateaus along the way to improvement. This temporary stall in progress can often be a result of technique errors or old habits that they were able to get away with until a certain point. We can use the the analogy of climbing a tree to illustrate this. When we’re climbing this tree (working on a skill), the way we make progress is to climb upward. Letting a technique flaw or bad habit take over pushes us out onto a branch. When we’re out on a branch, we’re unable to make progress up the tree. The only way to get off the branch and back to the trunk is to reduce intensity for a period of time to focus more on mechanics and consistency. Taking a few steps back can allow us to take a giant leap forward in terms of progress. This holds true for power cleans, double unders, and nearly every movement.

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