Sat, 11/10/2018

"Iron Fist"

Teams of 3 5 Rounds (30 Minute Cap): 60/50 Calorie Row 50 Deadlifts 40 Hang Power Cleans 30 Push Jerks

Round 1: 95/65 Round 2: 115/80 Round 3: 135/95 Round 4: 155/105 Round 5: 175/115

L2 50/40 Cal Row 30 Deadlifts 20 Hang Power Cleans 10 Push Jerks

L1 40/30 Cal Row 30 Deadlifts 20 MB Hang Power Cleans 10 MB Push Press


In this team of three workout, athletes will tackle the rower and three barbell movements. One athlete works at a time, switching out however teams see fit. Following the final push jerk on each round, athletes will add a little weight to the barbell. The limiting factor is likely the push jerk. We will choose our weights based on this movement. Athletes should be capable of completing 30, 25, 20, 15, and 10 repetitions unbroken when completely fresh. If athletes on one team plan on using different weights, it is ok to have multiple barbells on the floor.

The score at the end of the workout is total time it takes to complete the workout. If unable to complete the workout within the 30 minute window, teams will add 1 second for every rep not completed. For example, if teams finished 4 rounds + 50 calories on the bike. Their score would be 30:50.

Teams of two guys and one girl, complete 45 calories. Teams of 2 girls and one guy will complete 55 calories on the rower.

### THE WHY: The order and rep scheme on the barbell today is designed to move from highest reps and lowest skill to lowest reps and highest skill. This allows athletes to maintain intensity and hold on for sets as the difficulty of the movement goes up. This is similar to the way 21-15-9 workouts are structured. As fatigue sets it, the rep scheme still enables athletes to keep moving forward. The added bonus of built in rest also encourages athletes to continue to cycle the barbell in larger sets.

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