Fri, 11/23/2018

"Loose Cannon" 3 Rounds: 3:00 Calorie Row 2:00 Double Unders 1:00 Sit-Ups Rest 2 Minutes Between Rounds Scale Options Sub Singles for DU MetCon Edition 3:00 Min DU or Singles 2:00 Min Sit-ups 1:00 Min Burpees


Athletes will work for 6 minutes straight before resting for 2 minutes. Their score is total reps across all rounds. If it applies, start Group 2 on the 4:00 as to not have any pile up during heat 1’s transition to the rower. ### THE WHY: Athletes are armed with a lot of information today. The monitors on rower as well as the total reps recorded after each round provides us with some valuable feedback. The two minutes between rounds is not only for rest, but also for tracking data. What was my Cal/Hr? What was my Wattage? Did my power output change from round 1 to round 2? How many total reps did I get? Did I hold similar reps across the three rounds? Did I come out too hot? This is all great information to think through and write down. What gets measured gets improved. If athletes can take this information and learn from it, it enables them to make positive adjustments in their pacing over time that will serve to improve their fitness and health.

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