Thurs, 12/06/2018

"Frogger" 6 Rounds: 20/14 Calorie Row 20 x 10 Meter Shuttles


Simple couplet today of rowing and 10 meter shuttle runs. For the shuttle runs, set cones up 10 meters apart. Every time athletes make one point of contact beyond the cone, it will count as 1 rep. They’ll complete 20 touches before moving back to the rower. If short on rowers, stagger athletes by 90 seconds or have athlete 2 start when athlete 1 finishes their row. ### THE WHY When the weather starts to get cold, we try to limit the amount of outside running. Shuttle runs are a great substitute, as they provide some variance and still allow athletes to accumulate a sneaky amount of distance. For example, there is 1200 meters of running in today’s workout. With all the stop and go, it’s likely equivalent to more like a mile.

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