Sat, 12/15/2018

"Team 10K Row" For Time: 10,000 Meter Row Teams of 3. Switching Every 250 Meters.


Teams of 3 will take on the 10k row. The break-up strategy is fixed, with one athlete working at a time and switching off every 250 meters. With a 1:2 work to rest ratio, athletes are expected to sprint when it is their turn. Each team member will row 250 meters about 13 times, for a total of a little over 3,000 meters. ## THE WHY We do team sprint style workouts like this to create a feeling and experience that athletes wouldn't likely reach on their own. The pace that athletes will hold today is likely much faster than what they would typically hold within a normal workout. It is the equivalent of doing wind sprints with friends as opposed to running a 5k alone. Sprinting not only raises fitness, but also raises the standard of what athletes know they are capable of once they get back to steadier state workouts.

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