Mon, 12/31/2018

*We have 1 class today at 9am*

WOW! Can you believe today is the last day of the year? And what a year!

And there's no better way to end 2018 than with...



21-15-9 reps for time of: • Thruster 95/65# • Pull-ups


“Fran” is arguably the most well known CrossFit workout of all time. A simple, yet effective combination of movements. The weight on the barbell should be something that athletes could absolutely hold onto the first set of 21 repetitions unbroken if they wanted to. Strategy may decide otherwise for many athletes, but the capacity should be there. If unable to complete more that 21 unbroken pull-ups, reducing the reps or using a pull-up variation will allow athletes to get the “sprint” stimulus of this workout. The preferred variation today is a jumping pull-up as it is the most metabolically demanding. ## THE WHY Going back to should vs. could here. There are many athletes who could complete some pull-ups and some thrusters at the prescribed rep scheme and loading. However, if there is any doubt in the back of their minds about weight, pull-up variation, or rep scheme, they would likely benefit from slightly modifying this workout. Lighter weight, less reps, or different variations will undoubtedly be more challenging on cardio. That is exactly what we’re looking for. If the workout takes more than 6 minutes (1 minute at each station), we probably missed the intended stimulus. 15-12-9 or 12-9-6 are potential options for reducing reps and increasing intensity. Challenge athletes to go faster here, not heavier or more complicated.

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