Tues, 01/08/2019

"Fuller Circle" For Time: 50/35 Calorie Row 125 Double Unders 2k Row 125 Double Unders 50/35 Calorie Row


“Fuller Circle” is a CompTrain Class repeat workout from February 15, 2017. Men and women will each complete the same amount of meters on the rower in the middle. With quite a few double unders, looking to spend no more than three minutes on each set (6 minutes total) in order to get the right stimulus. If we are short on rower today, we can stagger by 4-5 minutes. ## THE WHY Today’s workout has a high skill movement (double unders) sandwiched between some lower skill movements (the machines). We put a time limit on these to encourage athletes to keep moving forward and to choose what is best for them. No athlete is going to stop rowing or biking, but the workout can come to a standstill without the right rep number, variation, or time limit on the rope. The goal today isn’t to get stuck anywhere. While the rope will be challenging for sure, it should be in the sweet spot of challenging. Not too easy, not too hard. We’re looking for just right.

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