Thurs, 01/17/2019

Strict Press Build to heavy sets of 5-3-1 "Body Armor" AMRAP 13: 10 Strict Toes to Bar 10 Strict Presses (95/65) 100' Walking Lunge


The Strict Press and strict movements are the focus of this two part workout. Athletes will start out building to a heavy set of 5, 3, and 1. Within the workout, we’ll mix it up a little bit with a strict variation of toes to bar. The goal here is to take away the kip and control the movement. Understanding that this is a challenging movement that we don’t often do, we’re looking for athletes to get their feet as high as possible without any added momentum. We’ll include some other options below in the “Teaching” section. The strict press weight should be something that athletes can complete at least 15 reps unbroken when fresh and within 2 sets during the workout. There is no weight for the walking lunges, just bodyweight. ## THE WHY Improving the strict variation of any movement can greatly improve the kipping variation. The strict variation of toes to bar is great for developing core strength and midline stability, which will carry over to the traditional movement. You may have noticed we’ve been adding in some strict toes to bar for quite some time now into the movement prep on regular toes to bar days. The goal there is to get athletes more comfortable with the movement itself while improving control and strength. Today is our first opportunity at testing it out within a workout. We’re looking for athletes to pick something just outside their comfort zone, not way outside in either direction.

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