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Fri, 01/18/2019

"Sea Legs" 3 Rounds: 500 Meter Row 12 Front Squats (155/105) 21 Box Jump Overs (24/20)


The front squat weight in this triplet workout is on the moderate side. Athletes should be capable of completing 18+ unbroken when fresh. Within the workout, 1-2 sets is appropriate. Men and women will row the same distance on the rower and there is no need to stand to full extension on the box jump overs. The squats and box jump overs may take less time than the row, which means there may be some overlap if you stagger this into heats. You can stagger by ~2 minutes or run two full heats. Take out a practice round and adjust timeline as needed for multiple heats. ## THE WHY One thing that can make logistics a little bit easier on workouts where there are more people than rowers is having no one own a rower. Once athletes are off their rower, they are free to find any available rower for the following round. The coach can be helpful in this scenario by identifying which athletes are almost finished, altering those looking to get back on. While this is sometimes not needed, it is a useful tactic for bigger classes to avoid having to run multiple heats.

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