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Thurs, 01/24/2019

"No Brainer" On the 3:00 x 5 Rounds: 21 Plate Hops 12 Shuttle Sprints 6 Deadlifts Build in Loading on the Deadlift


Strength biased and conditioning all in one. Athletes will build in weight on the deadlift over the course of the 5 rounds. These are ideally done unbroken each set. We’ll have some time after teaching the deadlift to feel out the 6 weights we plan on using. Rounds start on the 0:00, 3:00, 6:00, 9:00, and 12:00. Athletes will rest the remainder of the time until the next window begins. Score today is slowest round, with the weights being recorded in the notes section. Shuttle sprints are set 10 meters apart. A rep will be counted every time athletes make one point of contact past a cone or tape. Plate hops are done to a 45# plate for all athletes. ## THE WHY Why plate hops? Although not a functional movement, the goal is to create a stimulus. With quick and sprinty rounds, the plate hops to start things out gets the heart rate and intensity up. Even though we don’t do these often, they do require a good amount of speed, agility, balance, coordination, accuracy, and stamina.

#WOD #nobrainer #platehops #shuttlesprints #deadlifts

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