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Tues, 01/29/2019

"Hangnail" AMRAP 16: 30 Dumbbell Hang Clean and Jerks (50/35) 25/18 Calorie Row 20 Lateral Barbell Burpees 15 Deadlifts (245/165)


In this mid range AMRAP workout, athletes will alternate hands every 5 repetitions on the dumbbell hang clean and jerk. This dumbbell weight should be something that athletes could do unbroken when fresh. The other weighted movement, the deadlift, should also be a weight that athletes could do unbroken (15+ reps) when fresh. There is no need to stand to full extension on the burpees, as the jump over the bar takes care of that. Stagger by 3 minutes if short on equipment. ## THE WHY Why can a stagger be helpful? On heavy deadlift and burpee over the bar days, there may be a situation where there is not enough weight or space for the whole class. As far as group management goes, this may be a good time to partner athletes up who are using the same weights and utilize the 3 minute stagger. Another change necessary in this scenario would be changing the burpees, as the bar is occupied for two movements. To avoid a pile up, regular burpees or burpees over another bar set-up specifically for that movement would work.

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