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Thurs, 02/07/2019

"Crop Top" 5 Rounds: 21 Wallballs (20/14) 200' Farmers Carry (53's/35's) 9 Strict Handstand Push-ups


### GENERAL * Strict handstand push-ups for those with competitive goals * Dumbbell strict presses for those with goals outside the gym ### LOADING/STIMULUS * Looking to complete wallballs and pressing movement in 1-3 sets per round * Ideally completing the farmers carry with 1 break maximum ### LOGISTICS * For those doing dumbbell strict presses, also use dumbbells for the farmers carry to minimize equipment needed * Farmers carry is 200 feet, not meters ### THE WHY Similar to Tuesday, we have another “sport specific movement” with the strict handstand push-up. For most athletes, the dumbbell strict press will be a great substitution, as it uses the same muscle groups with less risk. For athletes with goals of competing, but who don’t quite have strict handstand push-ups yet, we want to get them into a variation that gives them appropriate volume and loading. We can always reduce the number of reps to something like 6 or 3. Another option would be to complete handstand push-ups with the feet on a box or from a bear crawl position. This gets them more upside down, but uses a smaller percentage of their bodyweight. This is essentially the ring row of the handstand push-up. Knowing why athletes come to the gym and their goals will help us better understand what movement (handstand push-up, handstand push-up variation, or dumbbell strict press) is right for them.

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