Wed, 02/13/2019

February 12, 2019

Push Jerk

Build to heavy set of 3



 And here's our first Assault Bike WOD! Communicate with the Coach and be careful when pushing yourself.... THESE ARE... Fun! (LOL)


"Squeaky Wheel"

60 Double Unders 
20/15 Calorie Assault Bike
10 Push Jerks (165/110)



* Push Jerk focused two part workout 
* Repeat from 10.15.18 

* Should be able to complete unbroken when fresh 
* Subs: 90 Singles, Reduce Reps, or 1 Minute of Practice 

### BIKE 
* Subs: 30/21 Schwinn Bike or Equal Cal Bike Erg/Row Calories 

* Big movement of the workout 
* Choose a weight you can complete unbroken when fresh and within 2 sets during the workout 

* Stagger by 2-3 minutes if short on bikes  

### THE WHY 
Squeaky Wheel is a repeat workout from October 15, 2018. We do repeat workouts to test our progress and fitness over time. What is different between today and the previous attempt is that we are building to a heavy set of 3 push jerk before. It is always interesting to see if lifting before effects athletes intensity in the conditioning piece. It may effect some athletes and not effect others, but this is something to keep in mind when comparing scores to the previous instance. 




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