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Thurs, 03/07/2019

"Goat Day" On the Minute x 20 Odd: Movement 1 Even: Movement 2


# DAILY MINDSET “Excitement comes from the achievement. Fulfillment comes from the journey.” Winning the award is exciting. Fulfillment is looking back at the hard work put in. There’s irony when think we think about defining moments. When we forecast into the future, we build up in our minds that accomplishing the achievement is the ultimate. Exciting - yes - but more often that not, when we look back, the real defining moments were the experiences that led up to those big achievements. The trials, the tribulations, the lessons learned… the early mornings and late nights. The blood, the sweat, the tears. The dopamine hit comes when we win, hit the goal, or get the promotion. But the fulfillment - the true, ever lasting feeling of joy, often comes from the quality of our struggle over every obstacle along the way. The relationships we build with others through the process. The journey.

#WOD #goatday

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