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Wed, 04/24/2019

“The Chief” 5 Rounds: AMRAP 3: 3 Power Cleans (135/95) 6 Push-ups 9 Air Squats Rest 1 Minute Between Rounds


“Everyone makes mistakes. Not everyone owns them.” It’s a common reaction to blame others when something goes wrong. Yet when we do, even when it may even be the fault of another... we gain nothing. We shirk responsibility, and with that, a learning opportunity. Learning starts with ownership. Recognizing that we can do this better. No one is infallible - we will all make mistakes, and be part of larger mistakes that involve a host of other people and moving parts. Even when it’s easy to allow ourselves to blame the situation, look inward. Ask ourselves the simple question - “What could I do better next time?”

#WOD #thechief #amrap #powercleans #pushups #airsquats

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