Tues. 04/30/2019

Front Squat Build to heavy single "Front Runner" For Time: 200 Meter Run, 2 Front Squats 200 Meter Run, 4 Front Squats 200 Meter Run, 6 Front Squats 200 Meter Run, 8 Front Squats 200 Meter Run, 10 Front Squats Barbell: 165/110


“I would rather die of passion than boredom.” - Vincent Van Gogh There are times in our lives, whether it be during training, at work, or even at home, where we question the choices we’ve made. These thoughts naturally arise when the going gets tough. Certain times will challenge us. Certain times will leave doubts. Certain times will leave us beat up, worn out, exhausted. But truly… how awful would life be without them? Uncertainty is pure gold. We know that’s where the magic happens. Think back to a moment of uncertainty. The day we first talked to our significant other. The first time we went on a roller coaster ride. The first time we walked into a CrossFit gym. Uncertainty makes us feel alive. If everything was known, expected and pre-determined, life would be so horribly boring. It wouldn’t be a life at all. We only have one of these. Let’s make it exciting. We wouldn’t want it any other way.

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