Such a POWER HOUSE! It's been amazing to watch your progress in such a short period of time. Keep up the great work!!!!!

1. How long have you been “CrossFitting” and how long have you been part of our CFIV Family?

I started at CFIV at the end of February 2019, and that was my first time ever doing CrossFit

2. Has your motivation changed since you first started?

My motivation has definitely changed! I am more eager and excited to workout since joining

3. Favorite WOD?

I don’t necessarily have a favorite WOD but I did have a lot of fun recent with “pharmacy”

4. Favorite movement/lift?

My favorite movement is power cleans. It’s such a complicated movement that took me a long while to learn, it’s currently my favorite move.

5. Least favorite WOD?

Least favorite WOD, I absolutely hated “marathon Monday”!

6. Least favorite movement/lift?

Least favorite movement- I am NOT a fan of the bike 😒

7. Did you play any sports before you started CrossFit?

I was on the swim team in high school, but other than that, I did not do any other sports

8. What’s your most recent PR?

My most recent PR is 1 rep 190lb deadlift ⭐️

9. Have you set any new CrossFit goals?

I dont have any particular CrossFit goals other than generally getting stronger, oh and being able to do pull ups UN-BANDED for sure!

10. What are your hobbies, other than CrossFit?

Hobbies- I love to read, and listen to audiobooks!

11. Tell us something about yourself that we don’t know:

Something you might not know:

I run my own business- Makeup by Cynthia Diaz

I have 2 kids (Liam-14, and Lucy-11), and 3 pet babies, a German Shepherd (Kona) a rabbit (Miff), and a guinea pig (sushi)

12. Do you have anything to say to someone who’s intimidated to start taking CrossFit classes?

What’s your favorite kind of music to workout to?

To someone who’s intimidated, just show up, and keep showing up. Leave fear at the door