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Wed, 07/24/2019

Push Press Build to heavy set of 3 "Trail Blazer" 3 Rounds: 800 Meter Run 80 Double Unders 21 Push Presses (115/85)


“Never confuse movement, with action.” - Ernest Hemingway We’ve all had that friend who is constantly busy. Always flying a million miles an hour, but… in all directions at once. And in turn, they find themselves in the same place a year later. We don’t want to just “move” through life, just like how we don’t want to “exercise”. We *train*. And we train, because our reps have a purpose behind them. There’s something we’re building towards that specific, defined, and real. We know which direction we are going. Let’s take that same discipline we have with our training outside the gym walls. Are there areas of life where we feel like we may be going through the motions? How can we refine them?

#WOD #pushpress #trailblazer #run #doubleunders

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