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Sat, 07/27/2019

"Heartburn" For Time: 1 Mile Run 10 Rounds of "Bergeron Beep Test" (75/55) 1 Round of "Bergeron Beep Test”: 7 Thrusters 7 Pull-ups 7 Burpees


“As for me, all I know is that I know nothing.” - Socrates A core belief of ours is to “always be a student”. Regardless of age, experience, accomplishments… there is always so much to learn. And if we retain this mindset, it allows us to keep our eyes open for the next improvement. Let’s draw two themes from this: One is that everyone is a teacher. We can learn from every interaction, if only we look for it. Two, that we should challenge our assumptions. When we believe we have things figured out, have we truly seen it from all angles? It’s ever easy to become a “victim of the landscape”, falling complacent simply because we’ve done something so many times before. It’s working perhaps, but, could it be better? Always open-minded, eager to learn. Always a student.

#WOD #heartburn #run #thruster #pullups #burpees

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