WODs are posted the evening before. Our daily WOD may change or get modified without notice.

She is "The Briggs Rock" the "Mama Bird"! Sarah has been "CrossFitting" since Feb/2016. I remember when she used to walk in just to watch the boys working out. She used to say she was a runner and would not do CrossFit because she didn't like the barbell. Well, I'm pro...

William and his girls have only been part of our family since February, and it's been great to watch them transform! William, you are setting a great example on consistency, dedication and friendship. Keep up the great work! 

1. Do you have a nickname?


I don't even know what to say about this girl... Let's just say she is what we call a HUGE part of our Family... She definitely puts in the work and effort, even when she's not here. Her 2 boys love Fit Kids and it's really cool to watch them working out together.


Pablo has been part of our CFIV Family for a while and a lot of us really see him as a very special Friend! He's the real deal. We are so proud of you, Argentino!!! You more than deserve this!!!

  1. Do you have a nickname? 


    *Not true... You do have a nickname!...

A Family that works out together, stay together. The Smith Family have been putting in the time and effort into this! I'm not just very proud of them, but also very happy to have them as part of our CFIV Family!

Keep it up Smith Family!!!

Terry & Sheryl:

1. Do you have a...

It was love at first sight... as soon as I met this Family a few months back, I knew they were very special and coming to stay! It's amazing how friends turn into Family, and I'm very fortunate to have met the Gomez Family! You guys are one of a kind and watching you a...

Under the sheep skin of a mom and a wife, we found a BEAST! With the desire to get better and stronger everyday, Lucy has proven us that she is not here just to get a WOD in, she's here to make a difference in her life and her family's life! Keep it up Lucy!!!!! You ha...

Juliet has been proving us everyday what our box is about... Family, accountability, persistence, success!!! There's nothing more rewarding for us than watch a member get better every single day!

Keep up the great work... We are very proud of you, Juliet!!!


Tim is one of our newest family members, he started taking classes in September and the changes have been amazing! He has so much dedication and he is here pushing himself almost everyday. That's how you see results... No excuses!

Keep up the great work, Tim, you are do...

Desiree and Russ started CrossFitting in August and it's been amazing to see changes! They are extremely motivated to do better and they push each other. I'm so proud of them and it's great to be able to call them friends. 

1. Tell us about you, where do you w...

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